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Weekly Cues

Bible Story

Luke 12:7

People are so important to God, He even knows how many hairs are on each of their heads.


Who made you? God made you.


Daily Cues

Morning Time

When you go into your baby's room, look in their eyes and say, “Good morning! God made a wonderful little (boy, girl) and (his, her) name is...(name of child).” (Touch your child on the nose as you say their name.)

Feeding Time

While feeding your baby this month, look them in the eyes and say, “God made your beautiful eyes. God made your strong legs. God made your sweet mouth. God made your unique little voice. God made your soft, round belly.” Continue in this way and celebrate the wonderful human God made that you call son or daughter.

Cuddle Time

Cuddle with your baby this month and pray, “Dear God, You are our Creator. You made us in Your image and we praise You for it! Help me to see (name of child) as Your beautiful creation and come to know You in a better way through (him, her). God, You are so, so good! Thank You for letting me be (name of child)'s (mom, dad). I love You, God. In Jesus' name, amen.”

Bath Time

Sing the following words to the tune of Where Is Thumbkin as you bathe your child:
“God made [child’s name].
“God made [child’s name].
“Yes He did.
“Yes He did.
“God made [child’s name].
“God made [child’s name].
“Yes He did.
“Yes He did.

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