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JUNE 2021

Weekly Cues

Week One

John 3:16

God So Loved the World



How does Jesus matter in your life?


Week Two

Joshua 5:13-6:20

Israel Captures Jericho



When have you needed a plan?

Week Three

Judges 6-8




How could God use you?


Week Four

1 Kings 18:16-46

Elijah and the Prophets of Baal



What seems impossible to you?

Confidence is learning to see yourself the way God sees you.


"I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living."

Psalm 27:13, NIV

Daily Cues

Morning Time

Write the word YOU on your preteen's mirror. Tell them, "YOU can be confident in who YOU are because God loves YOU."

Drive Time

While driving, ask your preteen, "What is something in your life right now that seems impossible to complete or overcome? What is something you can do to make the impossible, possible? How can we pray about this and trust God?"

Meal Time

Q&A for Kids: What is something you feel really confident in and something you don't?

Q&A for Parents: When was a time you didn't feel confident in God's plan but trusted anyway? How did it work out?

Bed Time

Do you ever feel like the underdog in your life—like other people are bigger, stronger, smarter, or more important than you? Gideon was an underdog but that didn’t stop God from using him to save God's people. If God could use Gideon, He can definitely use you, no matter the situation. Pray that you can face tough situations this week with confidence, knowing that God can always work through you.

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